Let your hair down – Rapunzel at Chickenshed

December 21, 2017

How to morph a protagonist-dominated story into the story of a community? In a usual Chickenshed’s Christmas practice, the theatre reinvents well-known storyline set in an intimate, sparsely-populated world of a classical fairy-tale to accommodate a 200-strong cast. This year Chickenshed re-written Rapunzel for its signature seasonal show. The great feature of the show is […]

Doctor Faustus in Chickenshed

October 31, 2017

Marlowe’s Faustus for me is a testament of more far-away and naïve times. Back in the day, you could actually learn all that there was to learn about science in one lifetime. Elena of Troy was the fairest lady that ever lived and there was a limit to the knowledge in general. After all, what […]

“Blowin in the Wind” at Chickenshed

March 21, 2017

It starts with recount of Rosa Parks, how she refused one day to give up her seat to a white man in a bus and the events that ensued and became a puzzle pieces in abolishing segregation in the US. “Blowin in the wind” at Chickenshed is a series of musical scenes, where the company […]

Politics Never Change in “Trumpets and Raspberries” at Chickenshed

February 13, 2017

A grassroots leftist leader is being sacrificed by the ruling class for the sake of keeping the status quo. Does that sound familiar at all to you? Waterboarding, alternative facts, disrespect for the due process, crazy overreacting at the face of any slightest confrontation are all part of the new play at Chickenshed. It is […]

Here be Dragons: Adventure to Oz at Chickenshed

December 9, 2016

The purple curtain has giant letters “Adventure to Oz” written all over it. As it rises, the colours deepen and the traditional Christmas show at Chickenshed start. This year it is a loosely imagined sequel to The Wizard of Oz. Tinman and Scarecrow rule over respective lands and Dorothy is friends with the current ruler […]

Past never dies in “Kindertransport” at Chickenshed

October 5, 2016

We are herded to the stage as to the train, in pairs for an easier count. The walls of the back door theatre entrance reminded of a service entrance to a train station. There we are met by the stage, divided into past and future to follow the two parts of the “Kindertransport”, a new […]

If there was ever one – “Sharing Stages” at Chickenshed

March 11, 2016

If there was ever one To whom you could cry; Who would gather each tear And blow it dry… Lemn Sissay, “Invisible Kisses” For its current show, Sharing Stages, Chikenshed Theatre is teaming up with such organisations as Amnesty International, Barnardo’s and a dozen more – to relay their message. It comes together as two […]

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas Chickenshed Gave to Me…

December 15, 2015

The whole genre of Christmas family shows is, in its core, limited. It has to be a relatable story, kids-friendly, feel-good and enticing into family values. You know the drill. That is, until Chickenshed comes along. This years’ Christmas show based on “The Twelve Days of Christmas” carol runs through December and early January it […]

Every wrong step is a step to the gallows: “The Crucible” at The Questors

November 8, 2015

Imagine the facts become a derivative of reality, and not an equation. It is not what is said starts to count, but what mouth utters the words. “That’s very interesting what you say! But do you go to church often? Do you plough on Sunday? And by the way, do you sleep with your wife […]