Here be Dragons: Merton – Abbey Mills Market

January 12, 2017

The band ends in an abrupt finale and awkwardly waits for cheers that never arrive. They sing under a giant rectangular wooden canopy three steps up from the spectators, two dozen forty-somethings that share their time between a pint and hopelessly trying to handle their kiddies. Speakers play some static for a change and they […]

Here be Dragons: Merton – Wimbledon Common and Windmill

January 5, 2017

Wimbledon Common Wimbledon Common is a huge green area by the side of Wimbledon. It is entangled by a few major roads but cars die out eventually as I venture deeper in. With 460 hectares of land, it is ranked 4th among green spaces in Greater London. Here was a popular duel place in the […]