Politics Never Change in “Trumpets and Raspberries” at Chickenshed

By NikitaNemygin, February 13, 2017

A grassroots leftist leader is being sacrificed by the ruling class for the sake of keeping the status quo.
Does that sound familiar at all to you?

Waterboarding, alternative facts, disrespect for the due process, crazy overreacting at the face of any slightest confrontation are all part of the new play at Chickenshed.
It is called “Trumpets and Raspberries” written by Nobel prize-winning Italian playwriter Dario Fo. Set in 1970s Italy, it follows a ruthless but charismatic businessman Agnelli who has certain strange facial features and bends the state to his will following an assassination attempt.

This farcial play is organised in Chickenshed’s Studio stage as a 360 degree set with the viewer’s seats all around it. A novelty arrangement which I see for the first time, it allows the action to be more dynamic and versatile. It provides for a more immersive experience as well, particularly the scenes at the hospital. The fast-paced action and non-stop jokes make this nonsence-ridden world where everyone who disagrees with you is a terrorist look buffoonish, and thus – possible to grasp. The play sounds like it is constructed our of last week’s articles of Daily Mail, but actually it was written in 1970s.

Trumpets and Raspberries at Chickenshed

The underlying issue is sour though: the capital is the state. Nothing ever changes, nothing ever will.
As much as this play reflects current news agenda – this also reminds us that political meltdowns are not forever. Right now ruling classes are in disarray on both sides of the pond, but remember those highly polarising and politically-charged Thatcher years? Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? Those were also the days of great political turmoil, uncertainty and chaos.
The humanity did not end there. Perhaps, it will not end now as well.
“Trumpets and Rasperries” give a message of hope or despair – the choice is yours.

Show runs till 4th of March – Tickets available at https://www.chickenshed.org.uk/trumpets