my book

My first book, “Under Marianne’s Skirts” (“Под Юбками Марианны”) was published in 2013 and you totally can buy it it if you read in Russian.
It is sold in paris in Librarie du Globe which is located at 67, boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003.
Or you can get it in London from me personally.

“Under Marianne’s Skirts” is a story that follows a bunch of Russian-speaking students who live in Paris in mid-2000s. They are young and free, each of them has an emotional baggage of their own that forces them to make their life choices.

It is a story about how people who live far from home change over time, how they come to new things and values that are sometimes opposite to what they used to have back in their country. Young people watch how definitions of “home”, “family”, “friends” disintegrate and gradually slip away from them.

These stories are typical for my generation. I believe that we became the first since the fall of USSR to experience international education not as something unheard of, something “out of this life”. However, the difference in values and way of life are still strong. Everyone who have left home, have they returned or not, will find themselves in the novel as all our stories are typical in some way.