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My name is Nikita Nemygin. I am an accountant by day and a writer by night based in London for the past five years.

My first book, “Under Marianne’s Skirts” (“Под Юбками Марианны”) was published in 2013 and you totally can buy it it if you read in Russian.
I am writing a new book that is bound to be set in England and it will be awesome.

Accountancy for me is a form of fitting into society. I enjoy it, but it’s is more of a plot device that moves my life forward.
Writing is a form of de-socialisation. My primary literary interests are de-contextualisation of personality in post-modern society an imminent disintegration of “self” as we try to define it. is my existential shock website.
Shock part is when I realise something that changes me.
Life part is me response to that realisation.

I believe that realising deep existential uncertainty and contemplating on the infinite sequence of events that make us what we are is a key to seeing the world “not as we wish it was, but as we find it”.

I believe that accepting yourself as a collection of causes and consequences rather than “self” is a key to being conscious and mindful.

I believe that mortality of human and humanity is liberating.

My ultimate goal is being humane.

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