Here be Dragons: Merton – Deen City Farm and Morden Hall Park

February 24, 2017

Deen City Farm City farms are a curious invention. They are, let’s be frank here, in the business of cuteness rather than actual farming. Farms have all the “Moo” and “Baaah” here and “Neigh” and “Quack” there, but of course they keep it a cleaner than I keep my writing desk, although it does not […]

Dragon’s Read: “Walk the Lines” by Mark Mason

February 17, 2017

A diary of walks that cover all of the capital’s Underground lines. An “ultimate walk that would comprehensively capture the capital”, as author himself puts it. A journey through the city, a journey within yourself. Wouldn’t it sound like a great idea? I picked this book because I knew the author would have to touch […]

Politics Never Change in “Trumpets and Raspberries” at Chickenshed

February 13, 2017

A grassroots leftist leader is being sacrificed by the ruling class for the sake of keeping the status quo. Does that sound familiar at all to you? Waterboarding, alternative facts, disrespect for the due process, crazy overreacting at the face of any slightest confrontation are all part of the new play at Chickenshed. It is […]